About the competition

The Night of Stars Hungary is an oval track competition on 480 meters with a total prize found of 1700€, inclusive prize money and other prizes as well. The entry is open for every licenced Greyhound.

Our vision is to get together the very best Greyhounds in every year – the first time in Alsonemedi, and on different tracks in the future. This is it, why
dogs which have won a race in Hungary this year, can be entered at a lowered entry fee.

When? Semi Finals will be held at the 5th October 2019, while the Finals 2 weeks later, on the 19th October 2019.

Where? The competition is going to be held this year on the Alsonemedi Greyhound Track.

Entry fee? 10€ for each dog, but dogs, which have won a race in Hungary in 2019 can be entered for 3,5€ each.

Prizes? The winners of the Finals are honoured with 100€ but every comeptitor get prizes. The total amount of prizes (incl. prize money and prize in kind) is currently 1700€.

Method? We try to keep the competition as fair as possible:

  • the lure pulling system and the opening of the traps are all-automatic;
  • public draw will decide the race card of the Semi Finals;
  • best placings, not the best times will get the dogs to the Finals;
  • every dog will go in a Final (A-Final, B-Final, C-Final, etc.), and the prizes will be almost the same, for example every Final winner gets 100€ no matter of A-, B- or C-Final.

Number? Entries are limited and are accepted in the order of the sending in of the Entry form.

Entry? Please send in your entry under the menu point “Entry”.

Other program? A live concert will be held at the Finals night.

Any questions left? Feel free to email us at info@nightofstars.eu!